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I thought it would be helpful to put a list together of 10 MAC eyeshadows that would work great with fair/light skin. If you would like to check out the Top 3 MAC Blushes for Fair Skin, click HERE.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks for Fair Skin

I prefer using the pro pans because it is more cost effective and MUCH easier to store. These are the shadows I think are most important when starting your collection, so enjoy! Click on the pictures to enlarge!

VANILLA (Velvet)

Vanilla is a beautiful ivory with slight pink undertones and my Holy Grail highlight!! It is amazing at blending out crease work for fair skin and never looks ashy/chalky. Although there appears to have a little sparkle in the pan, it applies nearly matte.
DAZZLELIGHT (Veluxe Pearl)
Dazzlelight is a shimmery highlight that leans slightly yellow. I typically wear this in the inner tear duct area but it also looks great as a browbone highlight.


I adore Naked Lunch! This shade is absolutely beautiful on the lid or as a brow bone highlight. It is described as a minimal pink with shimmer, but on my skin tone it looks like a shimmery beige that almost looks wet.  

KID (Veluxe)

My go-to transition shade. I highly recommend this shadow for ladies that like to use matte crease shades. This shade has a warmth to it and helps to bring a sophistication to many of my looks.

CORK (Satin)

Cork is an ideal crease shade. MAC says that it is a Satin, but when applied it is a medium brown matte shade. .


This eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful! It is a taupe with strong purple undertones. Also, the finish is quite metallic, so keep that in mind. I prefer wearing it on the lid because it brings out my eye color so well, but you could also use it through the crease. It may suit cooler skin tones a bit better but I think it looks gorgeous on just about anyone.

PATINA (Frost)
Patina is so complex... It is an antiqued gold color with green and pink duochrome. It is considered a frost, but I would say the texture is quite difficult to describe. I think it is more like a Satin, which is why I think this shadow works well in the crease.

BRONZE (Frost)

Bronze is absolutely perfect. It is a true bronze with shimmer, and doesn't lean red or orange, which a lot of bronze shades tend to do. The texture, pigmentation, and blendability are superb.

CLUB (Satin)

Another amazing color by MAC! I have a full review on the blog, click HERE to check it out!

HUMID (Frost)

Humid is one of the most amazing colors I have EVER found in ANY brand of makeup... If you only have one green eyeshadow, this should be it.

Some other favorites?
  • Sumptuous Olive
  • Era
  • Brun
  • Smut
  • Copperplate


I hope this helped you and enjoy the rest of your day!

NC15, NC20, NC25, NW15, NW20, NW25


  1. Thanks, and love your website/posts. I am Asian/Chinese with black hair, brown eyes and NC25 skin tone. For a "subtle" office/professional look, which eyeshadow colors look great by itself on the lid? And, would "Vanilla" still be your top pick for highlight color?

    1. I think Vanilla would be perfect, but an even more subtle option would be Brule.

      As for lid shades I really like Patina, Soba, and Sable. They all look great when worn by themselves and are very office appropriate.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for the helpful post! Love your makeup tutorials too.


  3. A very helpful post :) Does Satin Taupe blend out into a slightly orange shade? It looks like a very beautiful color but these kinds of eye shadows don't normally suit me.

    1. Satin Taupe stays very cool toned when blended... I've never noticed any orangey tones. It has strong purple undertones! :)

    2. Aw thank you very much! You've been very helpful! :)

  4. I have smut and satin taupe, what would you pair it with? I have green eyes. I usually just use satin taupe on the crease and smut on the outer v...

    1. Satin Taupe can be paired with a variety of different things... I usually wear it on the lid with a warm matte brown in the crease -- like Kid or Wedge. It also looks great with purples like Nocturnelle and I even like pairing it with Patina. Smut works with most looks as a substitute for black... so used as a liner or in the outer v. I hope that helps!

    2. I love Satin Taupe with Naked Lunch. I apply Naked Lunch on my eyelid and Satin Taupe for the outer. Quarry is my favorite for my crease. Have a nice day! x

  5. So helpful, thank you! Helped very much. Do you think bronze is a good 'all over the lid' eye shadow? And were would you usually apply it? x

    1. I think Bronze looks gorgeous when worn on the lid or along the lower lash line. I definitely think it's one of those colors that is a good "all over lid shadow" :)

  6. Hi Sarah, great post, really helpful! Do you think Patina would be okay for pale skin with pink/red undertones? I usually avoid gold colours and anything red or orange toned looks awful on me.

    Nicki x

    1. I think Patina works beautifully on fair cool toned skin! It is a muted greyish, taupey, brown with a muted golden shimmer -- if that makes sense at all. There is a little warmth to it, but definitely not orangey looking on the eye :)

    2. Thank you so much, that really helps! I just placed an order =) really tempted by Humid as well! xxx

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  8. I thought it would be helpful to put a list together of 10 MAC eyeshadows that would work great with fair/light skin. If you would like to check out ...


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