Monday, March 18, 2013

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that collect on the outer surface of the skin. You can use items found around your house to make inexpensive scrubs that will do wonders!

Nothing will make your skin feel softer than a good exfoliation.  It can help reduce acne by removing dead skin cells that clog pores, even skintone, and allow your moisturizer to fully absorb into the skin. Exfoliation can also help with aging by speeding up the skin's self renewal processes.

I like to make it in small amounts at the time of use, but you can also make a big batch and store it in a glass jar. The recipe is a simple 2:1 ratio:

2 tbsp     Sugar

1 tbsp     Olive Oil

I have seen recipes where people added different essential oils to make it smell nice, but I prefer to leave it without fragrance. On a clean face, use scrub VERY softly and carefully in circular motions for about 1 minute, making sure to focus on problem areas. Avoid eye area. I find the best way to remove scrub is to use a wash cloth.

After scrub, wash face with a gentle cleanser and follow your usual routine. I would avoid any harsh products and make sure to moisturize!

This recipe also works great on the body!

I hope this was helpful! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cargo Liquid Foundation Review

Let me begin by saying that although I love the packaging, it was a total pain in the ass to photograph! That's the best shot I could get, which isn't saying much.

Cargo Liquid Foundation is $36 for 1.36 oz, making it about $26/oz. I think that is a pretty reasonable price considering Nars is $44/oz, Estee Lauder Double Wear is $36/oz, and MAC Studio Fix Fluid is pretty comparable at $27/oz.

Back to the packaging... when I was first handed this by an artist at Ulta I was a bit turned off by its appearance. If I'm going to be paying high end prices, I would like it to look like a high end product. After taking the product home I fell head over heels in love with this packaging! I honestly wish all foundation came in pouches. Not only is it extremely hygienic but the product doesn't dry out. You don't waste any product because you control exactly how much comes out.

Cargo claims that it is a medium coverage and it is suitable for all skin types. Well here's what I say... It is a buildable light to medium coverage at the most. It does a great job of evening out my face and covering any redness that I have. I do not think that it would be appropriate for ladies that have a lot of acne/scars/hyperpigmentation and need a fuller coverage foundation. It blends and melts right into the skin and looks like I'm not wearing anything. I love how light it is -- doesn't feel like you are wearing foundation. I am typically an NC20 in MAC Studio Fix Powder and Cargo's F-20 is a PERFECT match to my skin. This foundation seems like it was made for me. I know that everyone will not be so lucky, but that is one of the reasons I love this foundation and will continue to repurchase.

I have combination skin that is usually oily with occasional bouts of dryness, but I typically don't suffer from acne unless it's hormonal. With that said, when my skin is oily this foundation definitely needs to be set with a powder. It has a semi-matte finish which is appropriate for all skin types. When my skin is dry it does tend to look a little cakey in those areas -- as does just about any foundation. So make sure to properly moisturize!

After applying, the product does not have any visible color changes due to oxidation, and it wears for about 7-8 hours when set with a powder. My favorite one to use is Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I did purchase the Carge Blu-Ray Powder but I'm not a huge fan.

Overall I really love this foundation but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. If your needs are similar to mine and you want a natural, light-medium coverage foundation, with a semi-matte finish then you should pick up Cargo Liquid Foundation!

This product can be purchased at Ulta or Sephora.

I give this product an  A-!!!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013



I honestly was never one to contour... and to be perfectly honest I didn't start wearing blush or bronzer until about 2 years ago -- and I'm 27! I just never really thought it was necessary because I really liked to put the focus on my eyes. Well I'm here to tell you ladies, contouring changes lives! Please click to enlarge.

You'll want to contour on top of liquid foundation -- powder foundation doesn't work well. After you have applied the foundation let it set, which usually takes a couple minutes. You can do your eye makeup in the mean time. Line A is where the contour should be -- in the hollows of your cheekbones, parallel to your jaw. The imaginary line is from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth. If you have a round face then keep the contour high because the lower it is, the rounder your face will look. If you have a thin long face you will want it a little lower. Line B is where the contour should STOP. It will look very strange if you bring it in any farther. This line is at the corner of your eye.

Using a matte contour powder and a contouring brush (MAC 109), apply with the most amount of product near the hair line and fade as you go forward. I used a mixture of Benefit Hoola and MAC Harmony. I prefer using Harmony on its own, but it wasn't showing up enough on camera. Please note that this is a VERY strong contour for the sake of the tutorial and I typically would use a much lighter hand. It is difficult to see but I also took the contour onto the temples, top of the forehead, and on the jawline.

With your contouring brush blend the contour. It is very important NOT to blend the contour downwards. I'm not sure if this will make sense, but you want to blend it into itself, using small circular motions. If you have to blend upwards a little, that's ok. If you bring it too far down your cheek, use your foundation brush to clean up the line and blend again softly.

Apply blush to the cheek bones with whichever brush you feel comfortable. I used the MAC 168. You want it to sit on top of the contour and blend in with it. They should not look like two separate entities, nor should it look like one big blended mess. You want the contour color to gently blend into the blush color. If you have a round face do not apply the blush to the "apples" of your cheeks. This will make your face appear more round.

Apply highlight to the top of the cheek bones. Be careful with this step because using too much highlight or one with too much shimmer will make you look like a drag queen -- I LOVE me some queens by the way! Have you seen this season of RuPaul's Drag Race? I'm loving it!!! Anyway, one of my favorite products to use is MAC Vanilla pigment, and I apply it with my fingers. I feel like it goes with just about any look.



Cargo Foundation in F-20
MAC Harmony
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
MAC Vanilla Pigment
MAC Fleur Power Blush
MAC 109 Brush -- Contour
MAC 168 Brush -- Blush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush -- Foundation

MAC Naked Lunch
MAC Cork
MAC Vanilla
Almay Liquid Liner in Brown
Benefit They're Real Mascara

MAC Omega
Maybelline Brow Pencil in Blonde

MAC Politely Pink
MAC Cultured

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Monday, March 4, 2013


Since St. Patrick's day is around the corner I thought I would do a post devoted to my favorite eyeshadow color... GREEN! I typically wear neutrals, but if I am looking to mix things up I almost always reach for one of these. If you are familiar with my blog, many of these will not be a surprise to you, as they are on a lot of my "Top 10" lists. Please click to enlarge!

From left to right: Lucky Green, Sumptuous Olive, Humid, Club, Greensmoke


Humid is a cross between a hunter green and a forest green with shimmer. The great thing about this shadow is it looks amazing on the lid AND in the crease, which is rare for a frost, imo. My favorite, hands down!


 A bronzy olive color with shimmer. I prefer this one on the lid, which warm matte browns in the crease. It has amazing texture and looks gorgeous on everyone!

Club is described as a red-brown with green pearl. It was my first MAC eyeshadow -- so it's near and dear to heart. Although this shadow is one of my favorites, it can be a little difficult to make it fully opaque on the lid... I recommend using it wet and/or a really good primer underneath. You just have to take your time and pack the color on... but it's worth it!


Lucky Green a true chartruese with shimmer. Although I don't use this as much as the others, it still has a special place in my heart. I typically wear it one of two ways: the inner 1/2 of the lid when doing a green eye, or a light sweep in the crease over a neutral, which helps to bring out my eyes.

Greensmoke is a, well... smokey green with glitter. Anyone who has used a Luster finish eyeshadow from MAC knows that they are kind of a pain in the ass... but Greensmoke is gorgeous when you put in a little extra work. I like to use a black base when using this eyeshadow. You really have to pack it on with a flat shader, and expect a little glitter fallout when applying. Click HERE for a look using Greensmoke.

I still need to pick up their two PRO colors: Kelly and Bottle Green. I wish MAC would make more permanent greens... the only ones I don't have are Swimming, Juxt, and Bitter -- which are all hideous in my opinion.
I will be doing a look later this week using a combination of these, just in time for St. Patty's Day! I hope you all are enjoying your week so far!
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Club was my first eyeshadow from MAC. What was yours?!