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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Growing Out Your Eyebrows -- How to Remain Sane!

I decided to grow out my eyebrows on December 2, 2012. I remember the date because I had just flown into Austin to visit my best friend of about 10 years, when she told me about growing out hers -- which looked fabulous, by the way. A wave of inspiration hit me! "I can do this!" I told myself.

It is now almost 2 months later, and I am starting to get a little restless. My goal was to leave my brows alone for 6 whole months! After doing research online, 6 months seemed to be the gold standard. Now that I have endured this torture, I have vowed never to tweeze my eyebrows again!

I have been over plucking my already sparse eyebrows for the last 10 years... I always justified my habit with thoughts like: "But I'm so good at filling them in...", "I want a sky high arch", "Oh, they'll grow back..." Well ladies, those days are past me. I have turned a new leaf, and I am going to embrace every random, tiny, little hair that is anywhere near my eyebrow. Well, maybe that's a bit much, but you get the picture!

Along the way, I have come up with a couple little tricks that have helped me stay sane while growing out my brows:

Avoid wearing makeup when it's not necessary -- I've come to realize the only time my unkept eyebrows seem to really bother me is when I'm doing my makeup. If I'm just hanging around the house or running up to the store I don't put on any. This may not be practical for everyone, but it works for me.

Fill them in
 -- Fill in the area right underneath your brow. By filling this area in, it will appear that you have a clean bottom line -- by covering the new growth with pencil or powder, the brows appear more neat. Be careful not to go overboard, or you may start to resemble Boy George.

Avoid using a brow highlight -- This may seem obvious, but when doing your makeup try to avoid anything shiny or glittery in that area. This will only, well, HIGHLIGHT the problem.

Use a concealer -- Using a concealer to cover regrowth works well if you don't have extremely coarse hair.

Use brow gel -- This can help keep the scragglies in line.

Hide your tweezers -- Unless you have ridiculous willpower, I recommend putting these away for a couple months. It is easier to get through the process without having to look at your old accomplice.

Brush your brows -- I'm not sure if this really helps, but I have read that if you brush your eyebrows with a spoolie, it stimulates blood flow and hair growth. Who knows if it does anything, but it can't hurt!

Keep your eye on the prize -- I know it's hard, but YOU CAN DO THIS.

Have you ever grown out your brows?

Thanks for reading, and stay strong ladies!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

EYEBROW TUTORIAL -- Filling in Thin Brows


As you are about to see I have very thin eyebrows... they are naturally sparse, and I over plucked for about 10 years. Currently I'm growing them out but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. Anywho, on with the tutorial. Here are some important tips and tricks when filling in your brows:

  1. Eyebrow grooming brush/spoolie
  2. Eyebrow pencil
  3. Eyebrow powder (2 shades)
  4. Angled brush
  5. Brow gel (optional)

1. Determine the shape of your brows: In my opinion, it is always best to go with the natural shape that you already have, just making small adjustments. Line A - your brow should end in line with the outer corner of your eye. Line B - The highest point of the arch should be right over the outer edge of your iris. Line C - The beginning of the brow should be in line with the edge of the bridge of your nose. Line D - The bottom of the eyebrow should be in a straight line to the arch. You can take a white pencil and put dots where Line A-C should hit your brow, if that helps you in the beginning.
2. Pick the correct colors for your eyebrow. Using two different shades in colors that suit your eyebrow will help to create the most natural look. If you have hair that is warm or has red tones in it use a warmer color, and the same goes if your hair is an ashy color. For example, a blonde or person with ashy eyebrows like myself would look strange if I used a pencil/powder with any warmth (red undertones) in it.
3. Use a pencil and a powder. The pencil is used to determine the shape and fill in bare spots, and the powder will softly fill in thin areas.
4. Use clear brow gel. If you have hairs that march to the beat of their own drum, use a clear brow gel to set the brows in place.
STEP ONE: Use a spoolie or eyebrow grooming brush, and brush the hair upwards. You can also trim the hair if they are extremely long, but be VERY careful... One snip too short, and the you may have a tragic turn of events. I choose not to trim my brows.
 STEP TWO: With a pencil that is close to the same color of your brows, draw a smooth line on the bottom of the brow to determine shape. Use short strokes while doing this. If you have darker brows, I would stop the line a little after the arch, because it can look very drawn on. You can use the powder in a later step to fill in the tail.
 STEP THREE: Using that same pencil, make small strokes in the direction the hair grows to fill in the bottom of the brow. Our goal in this step is blending the line from Step Two into the brow. Leave the top and front of the brow bare.
 STEP FOUR: Using an angled brush and the lighter powder, fill in the front and top of the brow. Then, use the darker shade to emphasize the arch and other sparse areas. If you are going to use brow gel, you would apply now.
 I use MAC eyeshadows to fill in my brows, and Omega is one of the most versatile and most popular MAC shadows used on brows. Here are some other colors that I recommend, although you don't have to stick to the categories specifically. I, for example, use Omega and Espresso and have blonde hair.
Blonde: Omega
Brunette: Brun, Charcoal Brown, Mystery
Redhead: Cork, Espresso
Maybelline Brow Pencil in Blonde
MAC Brow Pencil in Fling
MAC Eyeshadow in Omega
MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso
On the eyes:
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeshadow
MAC Cork
MAC Vanilla
MAC Smolder Eye Kohl
Loreal Voluminous Mascara (it's almost out, so they aren't looking very voluminous!)
So, that's how I do brows... Now, if yours aren't as thin as mine, you may just need a little powder. I hope that was helpful, and enjoy the rest of your day!
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