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Sunday, May 26, 2013

MAC Temperature Rising: Bare My Soul Quad - Review, Swatches and Dupes

Romantico, Bare My Soul
Friendly, When In Rio

ROMANTICO (Veluxe Pearl) is a light taupe brown with shimmer. This is the stand out shade of the palette for me. It has a beautiful texture and blends beautifully. Romantico is very complex -- with subtle pink and green shimmer. MAC Patina is lighter and cooler, Urban Decay Suspect is lighter and more orange.
BARE MY SOUL (Lustre) is a shimmering gold with a copper undertone. The texture and pigmentation is outstanding especially compared to other Lustres.

FRIENDLY (Veluxe Pearl) is a deep chocolate briown with gold shimmer. It has great pigmentation and blends easily.

WHEN IN RIO (Frost) is a blackened red brown with teal frost. This eyeshadow is beautiful but has a slightly drier texture than the others. It is similar to MAC Club. When In Rio has a darker, cooler base and the duochrome is more apparent.

Top to Bottom: When In Rio, Friendly, Bare My Soul, Romantico

I was literally counting down the days until the Temperature Rising collection released, which was May 16th online and May 23rd at stores/counters. Unfortunately this quad sold out in a couple hours online so I had to wait until I could purchase it at my local counter. As I'm sure most of you know, this is limited edition and can be purchased at MAC locations while supplies last.

This is an amazing quad! I haven't purchased one in quite some time because in the last couple years MAC has released a series of flops... most with lackluster or poor quality. I'm pleasantly surprised that they put together such a winner! This quad is $44 while the typical price for a quad is $40... you're obviously paying for the packaging. It is bronzy in color and feels a bit rubbery like NARS packaging.  Unfortunately it scratches quite easily... which drives me crazy!
I love that it has two Veluxe Pearls, as they are my favorite finish! The colors work well together and you're able to create a variety of different looks. You couldn't use this quad exclusively, as there isn't a highlight shade included. All the eyeshadows wore about 8-9 hours with minimal creasing and fading.

Overall this is a beautiful quad and definitely worth picking up if the colors appeal to you... I think it would be universally flattering!
Have you purchased anything from this collection? What is your favorite MAC quad?

Monday, March 4, 2013


Since St. Patrick's day is around the corner I thought I would do a post devoted to my favorite eyeshadow color... GREEN! I typically wear neutrals, but if I am looking to mix things up I almost always reach for one of these. If you are familiar with my blog, many of these will not be a surprise to you, as they are on a lot of my "Top 10" lists. Please click to enlarge!

From left to right: Lucky Green, Sumptuous Olive, Humid, Club, Greensmoke


Humid is a cross between a hunter green and a forest green with shimmer. The great thing about this shadow is it looks amazing on the lid AND in the crease, which is rare for a frost, imo. My favorite, hands down!


 A bronzy olive color with shimmer. I prefer this one on the lid, which warm matte browns in the crease. It has amazing texture and looks gorgeous on everyone!

Club is described as a red-brown with green pearl. It was my first MAC eyeshadow -- so it's near and dear to heart. Although this shadow is one of my favorites, it can be a little difficult to make it fully opaque on the lid... I recommend using it wet and/or a really good primer underneath. You just have to take your time and pack the color on... but it's worth it!


Lucky Green a true chartruese with shimmer. Although I don't use this as much as the others, it still has a special place in my heart. I typically wear it one of two ways: the inner 1/2 of the lid when doing a green eye, or a light sweep in the crease over a neutral, which helps to bring out my eyes.

Greensmoke is a, well... smokey green with glitter. Anyone who has used a Luster finish eyeshadow from MAC knows that they are kind of a pain in the ass... but Greensmoke is gorgeous when you put in a little extra work. I like to use a black base when using this eyeshadow. You really have to pack it on with a flat shader, and expect a little glitter fallout when applying. Click HERE for a look using Greensmoke.

I still need to pick up their two PRO colors: Kelly and Bottle Green. I wish MAC would make more permanent greens... the only ones I don't have are Swimming, Juxt, and Bitter -- which are all hideous in my opinion.
I will be doing a look later this week using a combination of these, just in time for St. Patty's Day! I hope you all are enjoying your week so far!
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Club was my first eyeshadow from MAC. What was yours?!

Monday, February 18, 2013

MAC Prep+Prime Fortified Skin Illuminateur in Neutralize

MAC has a vast collection of Prep+Prime products and today I'm going to be reviewing their Fortified Skin Illuminateur in Neutralize. When purchasing a product from this line, the most important thing to do is look on the box for the active ingredients and uses. The word primer has a lot of different meanings, and you should decide what you would like your primer to do -- moisturize, oil control, fill in pores, sunscreen, etc. Neutralize has five active ingredients, all of which are for sunscreen benefits, so it will not help in controlling excess oil. Along with protecting skin from the sun, this product claims to neutralize redness and illuminate the skin.

As you can see the product is very yellow, and this helps to neutralize redness. The illumination properties come from the large amounts of sunscreen in the product. I do see a difference in redness reduction when I use this product, but the I don't find that my skin is anymore illuminated once I have my foundation on. I use MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation most of the time because I have oily skin and this product works beautifully under it. If you have ever used MAC SFP you know that it can look pretty powdery when first applied. When I use Neutralize under it I find the coverage to be much more even, less powdery, and it even lasts longer.

On with a couple negatives... I cannot use this under liquid foundation because there aren't any oil reduction ingredients, so this wouldn't be something I recommend to ladies with super oily skin. Also, because of all the sunscreen in the product, you should not use it if you will be photographed -- it will cause your face to be washed out and much whiter than your body in the photos.

I think that this is a great product for use under powder foundation and I will be repurchasing when I run out. I love that it reduces redness, protects my skin from the sun, and helps my powder foundation apply evenly and last longer! On a side note, I think that it is important to be realistic with our expectations of facial products and primers. I read a bunch of negative reviews on Neutralize because they were expecting it do things the product was not made to do. When making a purchase, always read what the products is used for and the active ingredients!

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Have you tried any Prep + Prime products? What is your favorite primer?

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I ADORE taupes... every time I see one I try to justify why I need another. While doing this post I have decided that I am on an official "NO BUY" for taupes until I use up two of these completely! There are a couple close dupes... I hope you enjoy!


From Left to Right: Tarte Bamboo, MAC Satin Taupe, UD Stray Dog, Wet N' Wild Nutty, Loreal Infallible Bronzed Taupe, UD YDK

Here's the verdict: Tarte's cream eyeshadow in Bamboo is an exact dupe to Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe. Wet N' Wild's Nutty was a very close dupe to UD YDK but YDK has a lot more glitter -- they are both the warmest taupes. MAC's Satin Taupe has a purple undertone, and UD Stray Dog is the brownest of the bunch.

Who's the winner? My favorite is MAC's Satin Taupe because the purple undertone really brings out my green eyes. The runner up is Bronzed Taupe by Loreal -- I just LOVE the texture of the Infallible Eyeshadows and the color of this one is just gorgeous!


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